Amazing beauty treatments in Bathurst

Beauty 4 U's beauty treatments in Bathurst achieve amazing results thanks to our years of industry experience. Each of our beauty technicians makes it their responsibility to provide you with the total result, inside and out.

Hair styling

Our beauty treatments in Bathurst are of the utmost quality thanks to our experienced beauty technicians who are dedicated to staying abreast of all industry advances. We don't experiment on our clients, we spend long hours practising at competitive events designed to stretch the beauty industry's imagination and performance. If there is a new way to style hair, we guarantee we have spotted it, practised it, and can perform it for you, as well as design it to your individual taste.

Colour your life

There is a lot of truth in the psychology behind hair colour. That is why our beauty treatments are designed to achieve exactly that colour you need to feel beautiful. You have to like it in order to feel good about yourself. Our beauty technicians use the very best hair colour practices and are constantly updating and learning new techniques and products for applications. If you can dream it, we can colour your life with it.

Skin care and make-up

Our skin care programs at Beauty 4 U have beauty treatments in Bathurst that reflect our understanding of the top products on the market. Healthy, beautiful skin is always a must and our beauty technicians know all the rules. Once we have the skin perfectly balanced, our make-up artists are always happy to apply make-up that suits your taste and achieves the overall beautiful result you deserve (and teach you how to do the same).

Woman recieving beauty treatments in Bathurst